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Triple Lutz Report #429 – We Survived Irma

from Financial Survival Network

There were moments when I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but we made it! I made the mistake of taking the last hotel room on the internet at the Relax Inn in Kissimmee Florida just outside of Orlando. It turned out to be a welfare hotel. There were guys with prison tattoos checking me out and planning to rob me. Got in the room, barricaded the door and put my Glock on the table. Then the forecast changed and the storm was supposed to be a Cat 3 direct hit on Orlando. It occurred to me that this crappy little motel wasn’t gonna survive it, so I desperately looked for another. Found a Holiday Inn Express right by the airport. Stayed there and was safe. Eventually the power went out. It was a bit windy and some trees got uprooted, but otherwise nothing too serious. We lived to do another Triple Lutz Report. Back to our normal schedule tomorrow. Hope all my Floridians are safe and your homes were spared.

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5 comments to Triple Lutz Report #429 – We Survived Irma

  • Gerrrrr

    Keep promoting climate science denial and within 10 years you’re going to see hurricanes that will destroy Florida. Time to get smart, Kerry.

  • Andrew

    With all the crazies that want to criminalize climate science denial, if you don’t get destroyed in ten years, you will at least get sentenced ten years to do.

  • Simon

    Hey Gerrrrr

    Take a look at the stats:

    I don’t really see any uptrend, do you?

    I also note that with 8 storms so far in the 2010’s, although the decade isn’t over yet, it’s got some catching up to do to match the 1880s (25), 1910s (21), 1940s (23), 1950s (20)

    Period Number of recorded storms affecting United States
    1850s 17
    1860s 15
    1870s 19
    1880s 25
    1890s 20
    1900–1909 17
    1910s 21
    1920s 15
    1930s 18
    1940s 23
    1950s 20
    1960s 15
    1970s 12
    1980s 17
    1990s 15
    2000–2009 19
    2010s 8

  • Gerrrrr

    Simon, it’s the severity, not the number of hurricanes, that scientists say will get worse. Do some research!

  • Simon

    Can you can point me in the direction of the “scientific” research that says “within 10 years you’re going to see hurricanes that will destroy Florida”. Such a bald-faced assertion doesn’t sound like anything a reputable scientist would say.

    I added up the total severity of Florida hurricanes by decade and this is what I got:

    Decade Total Severity of Florida Hurricanes
    1850s 12
    1860s 4
    1870s 21
    1880s 19
    1890s 17
    1900s 11
    1910s 17
    1920s 21
    1930s 15
    1940s 25
    1950s 18
    1960s 10
    1970s 6
    1980s 6
    1990s 14
    2000s 20
    2010s 7
    I still don’t really see any uptrend, do you?

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