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Andy Hoffman is Back!!!

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Hoffman joined us today! He’s back! He’s started his own website at It’s subscription-based, but with Andy’s constant stream of content you’ll never be sorry. Bitcoin “crashed” down to $3900. It keeps going up and then having these mini-crashes. Gold is still under attack as usual. Will there be a tax deal? And how could it be bad for gold anyway. If the price goes up then it will keep going up. Gold is going up as Bitcoin goes up, it’s not a coincidence. We wish Andy the best in his new endeavor!

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15 comments to Andy Hoffman is Back!!!

  • Who Cares

    1) Andy did not “go out on his own.” He was fired.

    2) How can you take this guy seriously when he’s been wrong 100% of the time?

    3) If he loves bitcoin so much, why doesn’t he A) accept bitcoin in payment for his “content,” or B) accept bitcoin exclusively?

    4) He said bitcoin hit the “bottom” last week. And, if anyone bought in on that call, they are already DOWN.

    But, whatever. I mean, all the silver stackers that took his advice in the last five years are financially hammered. Now, on to bitcoin.

    The top may be in. When “ranting Andy” is telling folks to buy bitcoin from $4500 down, AND Miles Franklin finally got tired of his act over there, this may be a sign of the top.

    Note: Listening to Andy talk about Jamie Dimon calling bitcoins a “tulip bubble,” and calling it “FUD,” is hilarious. Andy outright mocked and attacked bitcoiners for years. Years when he could have been telling people to buy.


    • Jean Fossil

      Of course this rat got fired. As a PM shop do you want to have a propagandist promoting BitCoin ll the time? Enough is enough. Andy Hoffman is frigging weasel.

      And did you look at the company’s founders? Well known German Ponzi schemers – Sascha Senft and Michael Bauer – who set up this frigging company in Dubai.

      The gold community calls everybody a scam but in reality they are the worst.

  • Jean Fossil

    Andy Hoffman looks like a rat and is one.

  • Jean Fossil

    Bring that weasel on again and I am out for good.

  • John S.

    Bitcoin is now at $3,362….

    Can you say bubble?

  • Paul

    That was the last Andy interview I will listen too. I just don’t like the guy. He thinks HE is the only one with the answers. Who in their right mind would pay $225 to listen to or read his drivel.

    • joroco

      $225 a year! Andy must be dreaming. I constantly checked his blogs on MF and he would be lucky to get maybe three comments; and most of them were to thank him for all the hard work he does. Who does he pay to reply to his blogs?? He was always whingeing about not getting enough sleep and getting up at 2am to write. Why couldn’t he wait until the morning? For God’s sake, writing his blog plus a few audio interviews a week was his only job!

  • drm

    In mid August, Sean of SGT Report interviewed Andy Hoffman. The interview was titled, ironically, ACCHAIN: YOU’LL BE TALKING ABOUT THIS INTERVIEW — SGT & ANDY HOFFMAN ( I say ironically because, while one might be talking about it, you would be hard pressed to find it on or The link on SRT Report was removed with a day or two (Sean, correct me if I’m wrong, but I looked and could not find it). Secondly, the link to this interview was never posted on This had never happened before as far as I can remember. Then, a few days later, on August 23rd, David Schectman informed everyone that “Andy Hoffman will no longer be contributing to our newsletter or blog for Miles Franklin”. If you listen to the interview it will become crystal clear why that decision was made. Personally, I was surprised that Hoffman wasn’t terminated much earlier.
    While Mr. Hoffman has a very high opinion of himself, it appears as though that opinion is shared by fewer and fewer people these days.
    As for the title of this interview ‘Andy Hoffman is Back!!!’, I’m thinking it should be followed with the caveat, Who Cares?

  • Who Cares

    Bitcoin at $3200 now. I guess the “bottom” wasn’t in at $4000. Oh well, the bottom’s bound to show up sometime.

  • citizen49a

    Gee, why all the hate on Hoffman?

    He’s only been delivering some of the most accurate and incisive analysis out there for free for the last 5 years or so.

    The guy eats, sleeps, and lives the markets, so he kind of knows a little bit about what he’s talking about. Does that make him sound a little egotistical at times? Well, that kind of happens when you devote your life to doing something well, and actually get good at it. You tend to get a little confident of your ability.

    I’m not sure I’m going to shell out $225 for his analysis, but you know what? Based on what he’s done in the past, for free, I’m betting it will probably be worth it.

    You have to figure that, as the marketing director for a bullion dealer, he had a few “discussions” with the principals over at Miles Franklin over his advocacy of Bitcoin. Being independent gives him rein to say whatever he wants about gold and Bitcoin going forward.

    • Who Cares

      citizen49a, er, Andy,

      What are you smoking? Andy Hoffman’s advice was a disaster. Miles Frankling publicly canned him. He pumped silver all the way down. Worse, his comments on bitcoins when you could have bought at dirt-cheap prices were 100% the reverse of his nonsense now. But, best of all (and from the “you can’t make this up” department) he tried the “bottom call” hype a week ago at 4000 on bitcoin, only to have bitcoin get HAMMERED down BELOW 3000. From the inception of his site, bitcoin is down as of this morning, 1400 or 37%.

      If that’s how you define “worth it,” I suspect you’re holding the bag on his silver advice since 2011, too.

  • citizen49a

    If I was Hoffman would I say that I wasn’t sure I was going to pay $225 for his service or not?

    I’ve just been following the guy’s work for a while – and I know a little about economics and finance.

    Nobody can predict markets with 100% accuracy and get the timing right. Hoffman does a much better job than most, but he’s got something else going for him that is very rare in this business – integrity.

    He recognized when he was wrong about cryptos and made an adjustment.

    That’s why you do if when things change.

    Hell, I couldn’t care less if you continue to follow him or not. But for anyone who cares to investigate, the guy’s record, and reputation, speak for themselves.

    • Who Cares

      citizen49a, you do make one good point: “the guy’s record, and reputation, speak for themselves.”

      They certainly do. Good on you to note that fact.

  • Jean Fossil

    Andy Hoffman is not back. He is out for good! Frigging weasel!

  • Joe

    No, Andy has been exposed for what he really was. Wrong much of the time.

    That ship has sailed, and there’s no salvaging his credibility.

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