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Andrew Hoffman – Crypto Gold Central Taking Off

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Hoffman reports that after being in business for 8 days, things are going great. Check out his special 7 day free trial at Gold’s fundamentals keep getting stronger. Gold’s still at $1310. We talked about China’s efforts to contain Bitcoin and the Crypto-Currencies. Today’s historic Fed meeting. Claims that they’re going to reduce their balance sheet are nonsense. It can’t be done. We’re never going above 2.5% rates, proof is today we’re at 2.2%. We’re missing two interest rate hikes promised for this year. Just wait till the King of Debt Donald Trump really kicks into high gear.

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15 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Crypto Gold Central Taking Off

  • Jean Fossil

    Does anybody believe this frigging liar that he even sold one subscription? If he did he wouldn’t even mention it! Frigging rat!


    Andy Hoffman and his crypto-crap! Doesn’t he know he is pumping the NEW WORLD ORDER?

  • Stop the attacks

    Those of you who are mindlessly attacking Andy Hoffman on this site…..what’s up with you clowns? Andy is one of the few who state the truth and expose the truth to us citizens out there, who are otherwise being led astray and down the path of financial enslavement……shame on you few fools…!!!

  • Andy

    I can see Andy has really pissed off the PM community with his Crypto bullshit
    I’m not against Blockchain as a new way of doing things and using it to transact multiple commodities in the future,
    What I’m against is Hoffmans arrogant bloody attitude where he thinks he has a monopoly on the truth. The interview with Sean at SGT is still ringing loud and clear in most people’s ears after Hoffmans tirade over Linnette Zang’s right to hold an other opinion to his.
    This was the most disgusting display of hubris I have heard in a long time, and frankly Andy I can see you finally destroyed your listener base.
    Thank God Miles Franklin had the sense to Fire this guy and get Bill Holter back in to cover them until they can find a replacement.
    As far as I’m concerned I won’t be visiting his website nor will I be reading any more articles from this arrogant fucker.

    • Jean Fossil

      You are calling a fucker a fucker? 😉

      • Andy

        Who ever you are Jean, I think you’re right, you seem to have missed a few days of your medication by the looks of it.
        Maybe a less intellectual site and a higher dose of SSRI’s might prove more effective for you.

    • Someone New

      I was in the audience in February of 2014 when bitcoin was still under $600, and Andy Hoffman heckled Trace Mayer’s bitcoin presentation from the audience… He couldn’t even shut up and respectfully sit in the audience. Right? Now that the price is nearly 10-fold higher, he’s just as “loud”, but in a 180-degree opposite direction. If you want to pay this man $225/year for his advice, I’ll give you some advice for free… Take your $225 and buy bitcoin, or silver, or tulips, or food, or just give it to a homeless person. There’s so many better things to do with it that don’t involve Andy Hoffman.

  • LoneStar Posse

    Andy….You are a phenomenal analyst but you lost me completely when you viciously attacked Lynette Zang. A professional always shows respect. She has an opinion and you have an opinion. You both make great points, neither will be 100 percent correct. You both will be wrong but together I believe you will both be right. She is doing her best to prepare and protect people from the destruction of the dollar. Concentrate on your agreement and downplay your disagreement. This is respect, the building block of all human behavior.

    I purchased almost 6 figures of precious metals from Miles Franklin. The internet is available to the public by governments around the worlds’ permission. Nothing on the internet is anonymous or decentralized as all computers are linked via the internet. It can be shut off at any time. Poof goes your assets. Gold is the Ultimate storage as if you do not hold it, you do not own it. Your electronic wallet can be hacked, stolen or made invalid. COmputer language changes all the time.

  • Paul

    Passed on this interview as I will pass on all his future interviews.

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