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Don’t Get Lulled to Sleep by Metals

by Avi Gilburt
Gold Seek

As I read posts across the internet, I see utter disgust with the metals complex. It seems this sideways action in 2017 has worn investors out. I have seen many cash in their chips in utter disgust over the last few months. Yet, all we have been doing in 2017 is moving sideways, while maintaining over support.

This is simply how the market works. Before you are able to see any major rally, most in the market have to either be out of the market or positioned the wrong way. Just consider where all the money has to come from that chases a 3rd wave into a parabolic rally. And, based upon what I am reading out in the blog-o-sphere, along with the BPGDM being down in the 25 region, it certainly seems the market is doing its job of pushing investors out.

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