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Andrew Hoffman – Trump Does it Again and Again

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Wednesday’s article, “Most Precious Metal Bullish Quote Ever”.
  • Trump, Re: Weak dollar
  • Today’s soon-to-be-released article, “Did I Say Yesterday, the Most Precious Metal Bullish Quote Ever? Well, Trump Took Just 24 Hours to Top It!”
  • Trump, Re: North Korea’s “Fire and fury”
  • Yesterday’s HUGE crypto event
  • Bitcoin SegWit Activation – The Gold Cartel’s worst nightmare
  • All contributing to the premise of July 27th’s “The Most Precious Metal Bullish I’ve Ever Been”
  • Etc., etc.

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2 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Trump Does it Again and Again

  • Ted Silverman

    I like Andy, a very knowledgeable guy, but I’m getting tired of his know-it-all rants where there is no disagreement with him permitted and no middle ground considered. Shades of Jim Willie. He is frequently off-base with his political observations and made an EPIC fail when he predicted Marine LePen would take charge in France. Sadly, he did not acknowledge his predictive mistake or even comment on why he was wrong. In the case of Mr. Trump, Hoffman is strangely pessimistic on his chances for success and fails to realize that Trump has already turned the tables on the Dems and has racked up many little success stories, most of them completely unpublicized in the mainstream media. Trump is learning, little-by-little, about how to govern the country. He still has massive support from the people who elected him. The Deep State will NOT take down The Donald and that is my little prediction. He will be re-elected in 2020 because his successes will outnumber his failures. I do agree with Andy on the metals: Stack early and stack often. The stackers will be the financial survivors.

  • Rainer Kromarek

    Andy is right in every word about the US,North Korea and gold – with one exception: The political leaders of North Korea are no mad men. What would the US do if they were boycotted by the rest of the world? They would run crazy like an ape on dope.

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