Andrew Hoffman – Bitcoin Takes the Fork in the Road

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Really Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Deflation fears causing Central banks to give up on last month’s “hawkish bluff” already
  • Perfect monetary storm coming THIS YEAR
  • Fiat Currency as archaic as “stocks and bonds” – all will be swept out by Crypto-currency
  • Today’s article, “immutability and timelessness in the dawning of the Fintech Age”
  • Last week’s “co-existence of scarcity assets”
  • Gold will be just as valuable in the Star Trek monetary age as the Flintstones monetary age of today
  • Etc., etc.

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1 comment to Andrew Hoffman – Bitcoin Takes the Fork in the Road

  • John

    If ATMs, Credit Cards fail, would a large supply of clad quarters prove useful?
    If the U.S. dollar dropped down, once again, to the Canadian dollar level would gold become Canada’s $1600 price?
    The U.S. dollar used to say “Will pay the bearer on demand in gold coin”. It was a transfer of wealth.
    How is this different than Bitcoin?

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