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Choice Paralysis

from Stefan Molyneux

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Question: “Many young people, including myself, have run into the issue of choice paralysis when it comes to a long term career. This, combined with the lie of ‘just follow your dreams’ they spoon feed to students in schools and the breakdown of the nuclear family support system, leaves many teenagers and young adults an array of paths with little to no direction. The issue seems to be more present in the modern day than in generations long since past. Is it caution or coddling by our parents that has stunted our ability to be successful? Is it the lack of training or knowledge of the adult world? Is it the habitual or addictive nature of present day entertainment that we pour hours upon hours into? Or is it something simpler than it appears? What can we as millennials do to cure, or stunt the growth of, our choice paralysis in the modern day, and prevent it from greatly affecting our future children?”

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