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Bitcoin Update – The Golden Moment – Mining Stocks – RoundTable

By Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

When we last spoke, Bitcoin was near $3,000 and heading to the moon. What a difference a month makes!

Join us on July 19, 2017 at 9pm EDT. Seabridge Gold, John Rubino (DollarCollapse) and Kerry Lutz to discuss Bitcoin’s recent decline and of course mining stocks.

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~Kerry Lutz.

2 comments to Bitcoin Update – The Golden Moment – Mining Stocks – RoundTable

  • Ken

    Who died and made you all bitcoin experts?

    • Someone New

      Someone has to die to make someone else an expert on something? Or is it that there’s an ‘expert’ designation, and nobody is allowed to talk about bitcoin until they have the proper certifications? What makes everyone else talking about bitcoin ‘experts’? Either I’m confused, or you’re a moron… I’ll assume the later, since I don’t feel confused.

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