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The Trump Era and the Outlook on Gold’s Performance – Bill Holter Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends

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Bill Holter from is here to give us and in-depth analysis on the current outlook on the Gold markets and the Trump era, we also discuss the relationship between Bitcoin and Gold and the best techniques to preserve your wealth.
Importantly covered today is the possibility of a system shut down and what to expect if the Banks and Government go into a situation where public servants cannot be paid for work.

01:50 The Trump era and Gold’s outlook
05:40 Bitcoin’s a rival to Gold or an ally?
07:20 Millennials a threat to the centralized establishment
13:20 Can the President defeat the Deep State?
17:05 How you should secure your wealth safely?
21:20 FED Hike and China
25:50 Credit shuts down the system could crash!

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