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Sharia-Compliant Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency? Will This Drive the Gold Market Higher? (#45)

from The Golden Rule with David Fischer

This week with David Fischer…

1. U.S markets are somewhat flat today and we are half-way through the year. You said in January a couple things we would be in a Bull Market in Stocks and Metals at the same time. You also said we would have a bumpy ride. You were right on all, let’s talk about the first one the Bull Markets what have they done?
2. There is not a week that goes by where we hear a story that shakes the markets and again you were right on this bumpy ride. Will the next 6 months be the same?
3. There is a Sharia-compliant Gold-Back cryptocurrency just launched what is this and will this drive the gold market higher?
4. One thing you talk much about is debt. Do you think our country will come up with a plan to take care of our debt or should we be concerned?
5. How should one invest then in this environment and also you have a piece of literature that will help explain immensely about investing in metal…something about 3 columns, please briefly explain?
6. You have a piece of literature that will help immensely something about 3 columns, please briefly explain?

ALSO GIVEN AWAY WITH THE BAIL-IN report is: Literature titled “Changing Directions in Changing Times”

1. “The Coming Bail In”, the new 6th Edition


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