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Jeff Berwick – Crypto Currencies Taking Over

from Financial Survival Network

Jeff Berwick has been on the Bitcoin/Crypto-Currency band wagon since 2011. So he’s been right on the money, literally. With Bitcoin hitting $3k and Ethereum taking off to the Ether, how much further can it go. Of course pullbacks after such increases would only be normal. They’re volatile so make sure you buckle your seatbelt before you buy. But Jeff says we’re just at the beginning of this movement and it has the potential to eliminate central banking as we know it. Let it be true!

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4 comments to Jeff Berwick – Crypto Currencies Taking Over

  • nva

    Potential to eliminate central banking? Sure.

    In practice, that ain’t happening.

    The feds will be breaking down people’s doors and shouting “Get on the ground! GET ON THE GROUND!” at cryptocurrency users they identify through NSA monitoring of computers long before any cryptocurrency seriously challenges, much less eliminates, central banking.

  • Tanya S.

    I love Jeff Berwick! Thanks for having him on!

  • Benjamin Freedman

    @nva @Berwick

    “Potential to eliminate central banking”

    What a ludicrous assertion. Bitcoin already has a looming fork to correct massive design flaws, one of which is performance which is that its performance, and transaction cost, cannot keep up with the IT system of a small bank. Even Etherium, which many people claim “guarantees 10 second transactions”, is limited from 10 to 20 transactions per second at best.

    All these crypto-currencies suffer from devastating design flaws, even if we ignore programming bugs or deliberate back doors, yet their proponents ignore it all in the same way Americans and Israelis ignore the decades of their countries war crimes and the millions of people murdered the their citizens names for “democracy”.

  • Harquebus

    Until the electricity goes off. Then crypto currencies true worth will become apparant. Zero as is the true worth of all fiat currencies of which, cryptos are just another type.

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