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Bitcoin is High Reward & High Risk – Warren Pollock with Greg Hunter

Warren Pollock – MSM Propaganda Allows D.C. Looting to Continue

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock says you should study up on Bitcoin before you buy it. Pollock says, Bitcoin (and crypto currencies in general) carries “high reward, but also some very high risk.” Pollock explains, “First of all, Bitcoin and these other crypto currencies are not currencies. Most of all, they are not efficient ways of having transactional exchanges between people. They just don’t work the same way the credit card network does or the check writing does. In fact, the speed in which Bitcoin can clear a transaction is downright pathetic. . . . I was able to obtain Bitcoin transaction speed at about 6.9 transactions per second. That’s what I evaluate the network capacity to be. . . . Right now, in America, you take your Visa card and up to 50,000 people can transact concurrently per second. So, there is a tremendous lack of horsepower in Bitcoin.”

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