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Andrew Hoffman – Is it the Last Rate Hike?

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Yesterday’s article, “The Fed’s Last Rate Hike
  • Today could, and likely will, be a major inflectionary point in U.S. monetary policy history
  • Today’s article, “Low-Interest Rate People,” only validates how imperative it is for the Ponzi scheme of ZIRP/NIRP, and shortly QE again, must be continued
  • Gold and silver on verge of historic 200 WMA and 5½ year downtrend line breakouts
  • Collapsing economy!
  • Etc., etc.

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2 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Is it the Last Rate Hike?

  • Ian

    When will Andrew Hoffman admit that his incessant bullishness on gold/silver has been dead wrong? He claims the ONLY reason that gold/silver have declined is because of “manipulation” but he never addresses the fact that over 50% of all silver mined is used by industry and thus they must stand for delivery. This greatly negates the effect of naked shorting through paper contracts because most short positions will have to cover and cough up actual physical metal. The truth is that physical demand for gold/silver is simply not high enough to cause the price to rise much.


    Andrew Hoffman will be proven right.The Silver that is provided to industry is also from stockpiles.When the stockpiles end the manipulation will end. Be patient it will happen.

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