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Woody O’Brien – Trump’s Great Defender… Putin?

from Financial Survival Network

Woody O’Brien joined us. He’s of the opinion that the average person believes what Putin says over the mainstream media. Russia has nuclear weapons, shouldn’t we be talking to them regularly? No one has ever had worse media coverage than Donald Trump. You can tell a lot about a person by the enemies they make. Trump may not be perfect, but he’s not satan. The people who buy into it already voted for Hilary, not Trump. Trump’s supporters are impervious. Woody thinks we’re heading to recession and if congress doesn’t act on taxes or Obamacare. If we don’t get things going soon, it will be too late and the stock market will suffer accordingly.

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1 comment to Woody O’Brien – Trump’s Great Defender… Putin?

  • Ryvr

    Liberals are poor losers and are delusional? When the person with the least votes wins, it alienates the MAJORITY and makes a mockery of our democracy. You can steal the election but you cannot govern. Now whose denying the consequences of reality?

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