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Daniel Greenfield – The War on Trump

from Financial Survival Network

Daniel Greenfield joined us to discuss the War on Donald Trump. Fake News is running rampant. It’s stuff that’s passed off as news that never really happened. Whereas before we were just dealing with bias, but now it’s completely invented. Stronger libel laws won’t work and neither will government cracking down on the media. The only solution is a more enlightened and informed electorate and public. But then we have the problem of the warped educational system. But Daniel is an optimist and believes we will find a way out of the morass.

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1 comment to Daniel Greenfield – The War on Trump

  • Ryvr

    The right controls the white house and both branches of gov’t and still cannot govern? Reduced to whining about how bad liberals are to both Bu$h and Trump. The fact that both were elected by a MINORITY and therefore lack legitimacy to the MAJORITY is lost on them. Conservative Neoconmen gave us 911, the TSA, DHS and Citizen’s United so they don’t get to whine about the abuse of gov’t power.

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