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Andrew Zatlin – The Trump Transition

from Financial Survival Network

Andrew Zatlin of MoneyBall Economics is upbeat about hiring and the economic situation of the country. Trump is transitioning the country away from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan into things that are directly involved in the US’s interests. Trump’s pro-business team know how to run things. Unfortunately, the Congress has been resistant and unaccommodating. Can Trump get his program through? Let’s see what happens next.

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1 comment to Andrew Zatlin – The Trump Transition

  • Paul Eberhart

    Upbeat about the economy???

    Uh, this sucker is coming down, right now…

    A chain reaction is coming because the people are tired of waiting…

    If you are upbeat about the economy or hiring EXPLAIN THIS:

    I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom Disabled Combat Veteran, bilingual English/Spanish, UNC Chapel Hill educated, Western Tech IT retrained on the VA Vocational Rehab Program, with an AA in the supposed in demand IT industry, and A+, Security+, Linux+ and LPIC-1 certs looking for ANY meaningful entry level employment, and I sincerely apply for at least 3 jobs EVERY SINGLE DAY in THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS…


    Andrew, put on your seat-belt and brace yourself because you are dreaming…

    The brakes went out, we are speeding, drunk, the shocks are spent and we just blew a tire…


    You might want to reconsider your upbeatedness…

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