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Wayne Allyn Root – Trump is Winning Big

from Financial Survival Network

Wayne Allyn Root joined us today. He believes that Trump’s first 100 days have been a resounding success. He cautions not to believe the popularity polls as they are the same organizations who were shocked at Hillary Clinton’s resounding loss. They just don’t learn. Trump’s had major victories in regulatory roll back, immigration enforcement and national defense. Wayne thinks that the Obamacare repeal effort was a temporary setback that will soon be corrected. The snowflakes will just have to learn how to adapt to the new paradigm.

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6 comments to Wayne Allyn Root – Trump is Winning Big

  • Paul Eberhart

    Not gonna even listen to this one…The title is all we need to see…

    Question: If we have been raped, sodomized, murdered and otherwise enslaved since at least 1913, answer this:

    How can Trump be winning if the suffering continues? Don’t you need to cut out the cancer immediately if there is any hope for survival?

    Wayne Allen Rootin’ for same old same old…What a shame…

    Paul Eberhart
    (Warning: If you get butt hurt easy you probably shouldn’t visit my site)

  • Gavin Loban

    Kerry, Why do you keep defending Trump? Why are you supportive of him? He is not draining the swamp. He is part of the swamp and always has been. He just knows how to play the American people, including people like you. Why live in denial and believe Trump is the Messiah? He is NOT. If he was, guaranteed he would not have been allowed to run. Look at what he’s doing in less than 100 days – targeting and signaling hostility, fueling it toward Syria, Iran, North Korea, Somalia involvement, Afghanistan’s MOAB. He played the American people, he played you and he is no different. He’s just a VERY good actor and always has been a very good politician. Your support of Trump (who is no less of a shark than Hillary. Trump = Hillary) makes me believe you are not as insightful about the realities and ways of this world order which directly impact the financial markets and dynamics around the world. It is poor judgment on your part Kerry.

  • Theravaida

    People like Wayne Allyn Root & Bill Mitchell are DESPICABLE DUMBASS FASCISTS. Even Bill Still is a clueless moron, who claims to be a “Libertarian” but wouldn’t know it if “Liberty” chewed his butt off.

    I’m not convinced Kerry Lutz has blindly defended Trump. He has simply given platform to people like Wayne Allyn Root & Bill Still etc. But he’s consistent in that regard that he gave them a platform since even before the election. And Kerry Lutz also consistently gives platform to people like Michael Krieger, Andy Hoffman, Max Keiser since before/after election who have correctly stated that Donald Trump is nothing but a fraud.

    • Newsflash: The words “fascist”, “racist”, and “misogynist” no longer mean anything…. Since they can be (and are) applied liberally to anyone who disagrees with pretty much anything at any time. Only a total racist like you can’t see the truth.

      • Theravaida

        I had sex with older men for money years before you were even born.

        If you don’t even know who sucks the best dick in town, you can blame your mindless public Communist education for that.

        I don’t further engage in mindless chatter with a sexy man like you.

      • Tip: Never insult the moderator. 😉

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