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The Powers That Be Are Screaming For QE And NIRP To Infinity

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

I have a LOT to say this morning – all if it, extremely important. But first, let’s start, mere hours before the third Miles Franklin Silver All-Star Panel Webinar – which will be posted at later today; with this article from one of our distinguished panelists, Steve St. Angelo of the SRS Rocco Report. In which, it details how Peruvian gold and silver production, in the year’s first two months, are down, unexpectedly, by 11% and 12%, respectively, from a year ago. Which is quite the big deal, as Peru is the world’s sixth largest gold producer – and second largest silver producer, right behind Mexico. Which, I might add, is expected by the Silver Institute, when its final figures are published, to have experienced a roughly 3% production decline in 2016 – with no expectations for 2017 as yet published (which I’m guessing, Steve, David Morgan, and Craig Hemke will have an idea about on today’s call).

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