Andrew Hoffman – Something’s Gotta Give

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Today’s “disturbing trends” article, to be published shortly;
  • Retail, energy, automobiles, European banks;
  • PMs retake their 200 week moving averages;
  • The Fed’s never ending punch bowl;
  • Major upcoming “PiMBEEB” (precious metal bullish, everything else bearish) events;
  • Etc.

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3 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Something’s Gotta Give

  • P.A.

    Things are so bad, even Trump is now deflecting attention with Syria Red line lies.

    I think that is the scariest tell tale sign of them all.

  • Fraser

    While everything Andrew says is true, it doesn’t change anything. As Bill Murphy (GATA) has said, “there are no markets anymore, only manipulations”. But even this is old news, the big banks have used “pump and dump” and the media for centuries to enrich themselves and strip the middle class. But nothing useful is created by their “death model” (John Perkins), with the only result being widespread impoverishment. Forcing our children into debt is the worst of all crimes.

    But we cannot expect either the banksters or the politicians to self-reform. Faced with their own failure, they (always) shift blame onto outsiders, in this case Russia and China and WW3 will probably result. Clinton would have started it from the get go and Trump, despite his early rhetoric of dialogue, is back to threatening Syria, Iran and North Korea (the only 3 countries left without a Rothschild central bank) and has delayed the important meeting with Putin.

    So the end is probably nigh for a great many of us, except (of course) for the bankers who will find a way (once again) to profit from the destruction they cause. But we have only ourselves to blame, we have allowed ourselves to become so “politically correct” that transgender bathrooms seem more important than saving our planet and ourselves – by starting a people’s revolution and hanging the banksters!

    Facing the inevitable, you can only appreciate the lull before the storm!

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