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True News: Week in Review – March 19th, 2017

from Stefan Molyneux


0:30 – Secret Service Laptop Theft/White House Intruders
8:31 – Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly: Friend of DACA
10:20 – Judicial Activism to Double Refugee Numbers
18:33 – NYS Right To Be Forgotten Bill
30:55 – Turkey’s Threats Against Europe
43:25 – France Survey Details
48:24 – Venezuela Bakery Nationalization
58:42 – Eric Idle vs. Climate Change Skeptics
1:07:45 – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Virtue Signaling
1:17:47 – Illegal Immigrants “Going Hungry” – Avoiding Food Stamps
1:32:12 – California School Bans Tag
1:38:11 – New York School to Abolish Teacher Literacy Test
1:47:03 – Donna Brazile Comes Clean
2:00:10 – Steve King Tweet Controversy
2:05:53 – Texas Legislation to Fine Male Masturbation
2:15:43 – Michael Brown Documentary Controversy


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