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The Signals to Watch Before Gold & Silver’s Breakout | Bill Murphy of GATA

from SilverDoctors

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How long can the Gold & Silver market suppression persist despite booming stocks, real estate and BitCoin? Is JP Morgan hoarding silver, and when will their strategy change to let the market run? The end may come overnight, but if there will be any early indicators, what will those signals be that will be followed by metal demand overwhelming supply and prices roaring back with a vengeance? And will Trump start enforcing laws against gold & silver manipulation, order an audit of our gold reserves, or even install gold-backed currency? Renowned vigilante for a gold free-market, Bill Murphy, co-founder of watchdog group, returns to Reluctant Preppers to update us on his latest research, advise how to position ourselves, and predict what will be the vital signals to watch!

========= IN THIS INTERVIEW ========

Gold & Silver Market Action –

– 2 breakout attempts,

– Mike Malone forecasting a further retest of bottom in Q2 before relaunch to highs?

New Trump administration impact on Gold & Silver?:

———————————— Will Trump start enforcement against the manipulation? Trump economic appointees: draining the swamp or more of the same? Trump advisor Judy Shelton favorable towards gold Fort Knox Gold Audit Will Trump call for one? Is it even possible? How would an expose play out if the US has no gold reserves? Gold-backed currency?

Who is really shorting the silver??
? Are JPM & rest of bullion banks the players pushing silver down to prevent exposing their other manipulations?

What change will finally enable physical demand to force separation from the manipulated paper price? It will come out of nowhere, when people get disgusted enough, BitCoin people all excited, other assets all excited…

Wikileaks: Revealing what GATA has been claiming all along: that directives from the executive branch have been issued to divert public interest from gold & silver.

When to position yourself with a strong holding of physical gold & silver is now, in the doldrums, not after the momentum explodes, or you’ll risk either “paying up” or waiting for a pullback that never comes…

Lack of free markets, lack of free press, like Soviet Russia.

Everyone needs to understand that these are artificially low prices. We’ve never seen anything like this in 18 years. No other factor is being allowed to make its normal impact on price discovery. Once physical overtakes manipulation, we’ll see something like we’ve never seen before.

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