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Silicon Valley: A Brilliant Leftist Success Story

by Aaron Clarey
Captain Capitalism Blog

This post is not intended to be tongue and cheek.
It is not meant to be mocking and derisive as I normally am towards the left.
And there are no spoilers at the end of this post, where I pull the rug out from underneath them.

This post, in all sincerity, is a tipping of the hat, a golf clap, and admission to a genuine and brilliant achievement of the left that the right cannot hold a candle to. It is to admit an amazing success of the left that I did not realize until just this past week. And I would even say it raises the possibility that what the left aims to achieve is possible and feasible (though it means brainwashing entire generations and eliminating individuality, independent thought, and simple self respect).

And that achievement is Silicon Valley.

Hate California all you want.

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