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Howard Davidowitz – Retail Revolution Happening Now

from Financial Survival Network

Howard Davidowitz joined us today… Ten’s of thousands of stores closing, malls closing, it’s a nightmare. We have 3 times more stores than similar countries like Japan and France. Online is expanding by leaps and bounds. Brick and mortar companies are successfully expanding into online. It might look like they’re doing well, but this success is coming at a great cost. Staples and Macy’s and other brick and mortar retailers are doing major sales but losing money. They’re cannibalizing their own store sales. They don’t have a choice, but it’s killing them. A continuing catastrophe for retailers. This will cause commercial real estate to flounder as well. The developers will walk and send the keys off to the lender. Jingle mail on steroids. Howard then talks about healthcare reform, tax reform, the Trump Presidency and the economy at large.

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1 comment to Howard Davidowitz – Retail Revolution Happening Now

  • Paul Eberhart

    No offense but “Lowes and Home Depot are hitting it out of the Park!” WTF???

    The only thing that gets hit is your car in a Lowe’s parking lot by the only other idiot shopper who, after seeing 4328 open parking spots in the lot, decided to guide his clunker right next to you 2016 STI and smacked your door as he got his fat butt out of the hooptie…

    But ok. I’ll play: Maybe where the crack houses are booming, or the whore houses, or the refugee towns full of all sorts of people who want to rape you, kill you, then rape you again, flown in officially in a non-official flighty by our own dang gov, such as Oro Grande / Dona Ana NM, then sure. You win. Lowe’s is booming.

    Other than that. After 9 minutes (only because I was eating an MSG laden GMO Hot Pocket as with my headphones on) of listening to this Davidowitz bull-crap and the 2 minutes to write this reply, I feel I have only wasted my time and I even threw up a little bit im my mouth. Possibly I died a little bit…Seriously…

    Davidowitz – shame on you…
    Kerry Lutz – well, I guess you take dollars no matter what stains them huh nor how the stains got there…

    My advice, just lay back, shut up and take it, or actually DO something about it…Everybody is awake now…Forget all this “spreading truth” BS and actually do something. Yes, you will have to risk your life. Yes, that is what Patriots do.

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