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Why Leftists Are Violent | John Wright and Stefan Molyneux

from Stefan Molyneux


What is the correlation between political ideology and criminality? Are either liberals or conservatives more likely to engage in criminal behavior? Stefan Molyneux is joined by Dr. John Paul Wright to discuss the relation between ideology and criminality, the genetic component to human violence, the dark triad personality traits and what can be gained by the continued study of biosocial criminology.

Study: Political Ideology Predicts Involvement In Crime…

Study: Malevolent Forces: Self-Control, the Dark Triad, and Crime

The University as a Total Institution…

Dr. John Paul Wright is a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati and the author of “Criminals in the Making: Criminality Across the Life Course.”


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1 comment to Why Leftists Are Violent | John Wright and Stefan Molyneux

  • Peter Harris

    I found your website, when I googled Dr John Paul Wright.
    So you’re an economist?
    Presumably on the right, even far right?
    And I also assume that you endorse the video, correct?
    Then why is it that throughout history, particularly American foreign policy, its all the right-wingers who start the wars?
    And then, when America conquers the country, they install a right-wing puppet?

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