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Nomi Prins: More Corporate Defaults, Central Bank Desperation in 2017

by Craig Wilson
Daily Reckoning

Nomi Prins joined Yahoo Finance and The Final Round’s Jen Rogers to discuss the events facing 2017 – including increased corporate defaults, market volatility and the impact of oil under Rex Tillerson at the U.S State Department.

When posed the question about economic growth and the incoming Trump administration Prins did not mince words saying, “Ultimately what is going to happen is he’s not going to be able to push a “mega fiscal budget” through a Republican Congress, nor will he try. Nor will he be able to sustain the kind of growth that he has promised. There may be a PR element, but in terms of actual conversions and the practical realities of the economy, that was weak to begin with for so many people, that’s not going to be a reality. That is going to take its toll on not just our stock market, but will add uncertainty into the rest of the world that is looking at these expectations.”

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