Making America Competitive Again

by Robert Gore
Straight Line Logic

“Make America Competitive Again” outlined the problems confronting Donald Trump’s administration as he tries to make the American economy competitive, with more and better paying jobs. This article recommends ways to achieve those goals.

If you want to make America competitive again in today’s global economy, start with education. It stinks. There is no assurance that a high school graduate can construct a sentence, much less a paragraph, read anything more challenging than a text message, or perform simple algebra. Robotics, computers, and automation are wiping out jobs and creating new ones. It remains to be seen whether the former will outweigh the latter. Historically, innovation has been decried but predictions of net job losses have not been borne out. Bet the ranch, however, that the desirable jobs of the future will require workers who can construct paragraphs, read complex material, and possess mathematical proficiency beyond simple algebra.

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