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Andrew Hoffman – At the Precipice

from Financial Survival Network

Where’s-It-Going-Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Today’s Audioblog title, “Awe-Inspiring, unprecedented Central Bank destruction” says it all
  • Rates going to zero everywhere care of economy-destroying, market deforming QE and NIRP/ZIRP
  • Friday’s “BS NFP Attack” has already failed, with PMs back near their highs
  • Rio Olympics disaster a perfect representation of the true state of the world economy
  • TPTB on the brink

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1 comment to Andrew Hoffman – At the Precipice

  • tony

    I think Hillary and Obama are Puppets to a Larger Organization , and this Fascist Organization thats evolving the USA into a Totalitarian dictatorship has placed the USA and the world in a Very Dangerous Position , and that position is being too Dependent on a Foreign Industrial supplier and Now they are doing everything they can to keep the loss of the US Dollar’s industrial trade currency and Petro Dollar position’s , to the point of even breaking the laws under the US Constitution and creating corrupt conflicts of Interest between all the Globalist Industrialists like we see the Clintons hosting in their Clinton Foundation’s wheeling and dealings !!!!! This currency War is because the Western nations are too Out sourced and this Dependency on Industrial supply from ASIA is being used against the EU and USA even to the point of WARs over world resource control , and this kind of Globalism has to stop with a New Strategy .

    This is a dangerous position for the American People to be in without a Industrial Tool and Die sector to fall back on when this losing Global cabal finally creates the 3rd world war due to the loss of supply from these foreign suppliers because they unite final and stop taking the US Dollar !!!!!

    In this video , they talk about China Russia Iran support Assad and they created ISIS to push back against Russia China and Irans assault on the US Dollar wanting to dethrone it as the petro dollar is what this is starting to look like because if you consider the expansion of ISIS into the Philippines and then China building Man Made Islands with Military Installations in the south china sea where the area’s most important shipping lanes are , along with ISIS taking over the resource oil areas of the world that is all priced in US Dollars . This Link shows the areas ISIS is expanding into ,

    The overthrow of Gaddafi was about his descent away from the dollar too ,

    This would also explain why Obama made such a WEAK and dangerous nuke deal with Iran , trying to buy them away from Russia and China in the Middle east !!!!

    Hillary and Obama are just a Continuation of the Puppet Masters game of this endless Currency WARS and we the people need to be told this truth and then make plans for when this effort to control the worlds resources fails and we are left without a Industrial base to continue to produce our needed supplies , and this is where Trump is right about rebuilding America !!!!!

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