Andrew Hoffman – Reality Starting To Dawn

from Financial Survival Network

What’s Imploding Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • U.S. economy collapsing
  • Factory orders, trade deficit, ADP, consumer confidence
  • Fever pitch “misdirection” by Fed, Wall St., etc., of the recovery no one anywhere believes anymore
  • Commodities collapsing (as I predicted), and dollar soaring (as I predicted)
  • CRB breached 2008 lows this week, getting ready to breach 40 year lows
  • Unprecedented carnage
  • Greece! – Grexit coming!
  • China – Market crash
  • Puerto Rico – Defualted, tip of iceberg

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8 comments to Andrew Hoffman – Reality Starting To Dawn

  • Mike

    Panic now and avoid the rush!!!

  • beth

    When are you going to please stop posting Andy’s comments. I’m going to quit coming to your blog because you keep posting comments from the worst of the worst. Andy and the heinous Bill Holter are not analysts. They are sales people. They are ruining your site. I for one am not coming back. Forget about having egg on their face. These people are Omelet Heads. Yuck. Kerry you were off to a good start, but, your site is really languishing as you continue to publish the b.s. from Holter and Andy. I agree we all need to feel sorry for Andy, but, we don’t need to listen to him anymore.

    • DCA

      Both Bill and Andy use hard data and sound analysis in all they write and post. You must not be aware of both of their backgrounds and history. They are not bloggers but both educated and experienced in the respective sectors they have worked in. If Im not mistaken Andy was an analyst for Smith Barney for many years. Bill is wealthy from his investments and correct in his outlook just as Sprott, Faber, Schiff, Bass, Martenson, Fleckenstien,Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Celente, etc. I think I will keep reading and listening to these individuals. Both Andy and Bill are the best of the best and don’t mince words or thoughts! Some just don’t like to hear the truth.

  • Hank

    I appreciate ‘drew’s honesty and he’s been right about pretty much everything as long as I’ve been following him…Oil, frackers, PM manipulations,US mftg, BRICS, Japan,PR and Greece.

    You may not like his politics but his economics positions are solid.

    Keep it coming Andy!

  • Ed Mancuso

    It seems that advocates of gold and silver will use just about any “the sky is falling” scare tactics to induce people to buy from them. Andy has an agenda — to sell gold and silver. Just about every impartial analyst who is not a gold pumper sees the price continuing to drop well into 2016. Does anybody have any data to suggest that in the last four years PM’s have done anything other than crucify the people who invested in them? Where is the data to support the so-called shortages of silver and gold? All such “data” originates with gold sales people on gold-selling websites. The actual data show that central banks have been net sellers so far this year. China, which was supposed to rescue gold, is in an incipient stage of collapse and is reducing its buying of gold. As for the alleged shortage, I personally know of many sources that can supply all the PM’s anybody is willing to buy. Pity all the suckers who listened to the gold pumpers instead of wisely investing in other ways which with proper market timing, would have yielded great profit instead of the huge declines in PM’s. First the PM miners will go under, then one by one, the gold pumping dealers will fold as the relentless decline of PM’s against the dollar awakens even the most die hard PM devotees that their religious faith in gold has been futile. The government does not have to confiscate it. Nobody confiscates that which has little value except to the “faithful.” Gold is not an investment. It is not insurance. It is a religion adhered to by fanatics. Maybe even idolatry! They all seem to worship the golden calf.

  • marty fields

    Keep up with the truth. Andy and Bill are among the few who are aware of the big picture and who keep their focus despite the efforts by others to distract them. Andy sees the commodities decline, the Greek situation, the European decline and the US economic declines clearly correct. The government is trying to keep up everything through lies, money printing and force and these illusions will fail and efforts of the governments to control everything in a last ditch effort to keep the illusion of prosperity going but it is not lasting any long just as he says. As for Andy’s view on Trump here I disagree. This is a mean man who would be the demagogoe that we know he is if elected. Fortunately, I doubt if he will

  • James Sullivan

    well, if you look at the world and still sleep well at nite…..
    if you can dismiss Greece, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Detroit, the farce
    in the ME, and Ukraine……if you watch Citi-Bank pad the Cromnibus bill at the 11th hour with a get of of derivatives debt free pass….if you the federal reserve is acting in your interest…..

    ….then enjoy your sleep.

  • DaveintheUK

    I find Andy who is no longer called Ranting Andy but rants more than ever, really entertaining.

    I agree with him that Japan is a great candidate for hyperinflation. Though the Eurozone might be the first which is now in deflation. It just takes the loss of faith in the currency. Candidate #1 Japan. Dark horse candidate the EU.