Andrew Hoffman – Is This It? Something is Very Ugly on the Horizon

from Financial Survival Network

What In The World Is Going On Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman:

  • U.S. economic collapse;
  • GDP, retail sales, mortgage apps, unemployment;
  • Horrific Euro GDP;
  • Grexit upcoming, as well as BREXIT (must discuss);
  • Worst Chinese capex “growth” in 15 years;
  • Tectonic market shifts;
  • Surging rates and desperate government attempts to slow them (today’s article, not yet published);
  • QE4 coming, a matter of time;
  • Comex inventories rapidly sinking and gold is up $21 per ounce today;
  • Interest rates are surging
  • Much, much more!

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1 comment to Andrew Hoffman – Is This It? Something is Very Ugly on the Horizon

  • Timmy Wheeler

    Opinion in Britain:
    It is only a section of the British Conservative government that want to leave the EU – not the entire party. The Prime Minister is very keen to remain inside (as are the Labour Party and the Scottish Nationalist opposition parties.) Predicting a referendum outcome would be a tough call, but most British businesses and the majority of our Members of Parliament are for staying in.
    As far as I know, those in favour of leaving do NOT wish to cease trade with Europe: they just want to return legislative powers from Europe to the UK parliament.