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What Will Happen Next Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

  • We are in a world amuk, with bubbles inflating in late 1999 fashion as the news flow worsens by the minute. I mean, MCD stock surges on this morning’s abysmal sales report?
  • Never have I seen so many dichotomies, and market manipulations, in so many areas of the global economy/markets.
  • Greece a goner, no one cares
  • Oil and copper supplies explode, no one cares
  • Oil (and copper) now “PPT’d” just as Dow
  • Economic data plunges, no one cares
  • All-time low European yields, more than half of global government bonds below 1%, Eurobor now negative, 10 year bund nearly negative
  • Aside from oil, copper, and few others, commodities plunging – lumber, iron ore, even rice
  • Dollar near highs again, killing U.S. business
  • All out bubble in China/Hong Kong/Japan, all Central bank caused
  • Nasdaq 5,000, but record low CNBC ratings
  • Gold at nearly lowest inflation adjusted price ever!

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5 comments to Andrew Hoffman – World Run Amuk

  • Roberto

    Even physically hampered AHoffmans intellect shines thru…. still some of the most astute “big pic” analysis out on the weeb.

  • Tony

    After gold, silver and oil, what can the Cartel suppress next? Oh yeah, Andy Hoffman’s voice.

  • Ed Mancuso

    As usual, Andy’s commentary is well reasoned and informative. When we consider all the bizarre behavior in finance and economics that Andy talks about, is it possible that some very basic elements are being overlooked, such as deficiencies in ethics and sanity? Simplistic as it may sound, most of the current world economic problems seem to trace back to immoral, unethical behavior, infused with quite a bit of insanity. We often credit bankers, politicians, business leaders, etc., with being very bright and anchored in pragmatism. I would suggest that a large percentage of them are quite simply — nuts! Insanity in the form of delusional behavior seems to be spreading everywhere. Just try to engage even seemingly intelligent people in rational conversation these days and there is a good chance you will be talking to a zombified nutcase. Maybe there are too many drugs leeching into the water supply, tainted food, who knows what? Whatever the cause, even “the best and the brightest” often seem like idiots and lunatics these days. Welcome to Earth — The Lunatic Asylum!

  • Ian

    I would like to hear Andrew explain how with physical demand for Gold at an all time high, how can naked paper short selling by the cartel stop anyone who wants to own physical gold? The point is they cant and therefore the reason why gold and silver are down substantially is because there isn’t enough demand for the physical metal. Nothing short of a complete collapse of the dollar will result in gold increasing significantly. Andrew can have a correct thesis of what is going on economically around the world and yet completely miss the point that people are voting with their pocketbooks and NOT buying gold in a sufficient way.

  • Charles

    Andy,,, Your Analysis is intelligent well reasoned,, all across the board! You are fascinating to listen to! I agree with Tonys statement here. “After gold, silver and oil, what can the Cartel suppress next? Oh yeah, Andy Hoffman’s voice”. After I thought about it,,, and now with the new net neutrality laws,,, he very well may be correct!
    Scary world!!!!