Andrew Hoffman – World Economy Working Out Exactly Like We Said It Would

from Financial Survival Network

Telling It Like It Is Tuesday with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Gold reaching record highs in most currencies;
  • Oil and base metals sinking;
  • Most of world’s currencies collapsing;
  • Silver production will crater as base metal production does;
  • We told you so!

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3 comments to Andrew Hoffman – World Economy Working Out Exactly Like We Said It Would

  • Truth be Told

    How do you give that guy any air time? He was wrong on all counts. Ask “ranting” Andy what we should do with all that silver we have piled up after every bottom he called fell through. Maybe Andy won’t mind if some of his customers – er, rubes – “rant” by asking him for their money back. The money what he GUARANTEED was good time and time again. “Ranting” Andy is the MARKETING DIRECTOR of a business who did a serious disservice to their customers. Worse yet, he still gets play with ANYONE after his HORRIFIC and NIGHTMARISH “advice.”

  • Sparrow

    Truth be Told, you do not understand what Andy has been writing about.
    You had bought the precious metals for a wrong reason.

    Yes I expected the collapse of the dollar earlier too.

    But first of all, I am not complaining for the delay. And secondly, I had accepted all the risks of it.

  • Truth be Told

    Sparrow, Your answer is music to “Ranting” Andy’s ears, I suspect.