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The New Banner Interview with Murray N. Rothbard

by J. Michael Oliver

[Originally published in The New Banner: A Fortnightly Libertarian Journal on 25 February 1972. Thanks to J. Michael Oliver (The New Libertarian: Anarcho-Capitalism) for sending it to the Mises Institute. Thanks also to W. Robert Black III, of the New Banner Institute.]


Dr. Murray Rothbard, libertarianism’s foremost theorist and advocate today, is a scholar, teacher and author of considerable reputation. Without question he is one of the thinkers most responsible for the formulation of the doctrine of anarcho-capitalism. While his efforts have been primarily in the field of economics, his writings and activities demonstrate a much wider range of thought

Dr. Rothbard has studied under Professor Joseph Dorfman at Columbia University and Dr. Ludwig von Mises at New York University. He took his undergraduate and graduate work in economics at Columbia University. He has taught at the City College of New York and currently teaches at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

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