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Silver’s Big Outside Reversal: Is the Bottom Finally In?

from SilverDoctors

In this week's Metals & Markets The Doc & Eric Dubin break down all the action in the metals over the past week discussing:

1. Negative GOFO rates, soaring 90% premiums, and month long delays- physical tightness is BACK!
2. Swiss cave in to banksters fear mongering, vote down Gold Referendum- impact on gold's trading over the short and long term
Repatriation Contagion: First the Netherlands, now France now discussing Gold repatriation
3. Monday's outside reversal saw silver soar 15% higher, and close over $2 off overnight lows of $14.45- have we finally seen the capitulation bottom & subsequent short squeeze, or are gold & silver about to roll over to $1050 and $12?

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