Madrid March: Thousands of Anti-Austerity Protesters Converge On Spanish Capital

from RussiaToday

In Spain, discontent is literally on the march. Thousands of protesters on foot are converging on the capital Madrid. They’re demanding an end to mass unemployment which is undermining the crisis-hit nation. 6 million people don’t have a job and the anti-austerity sentiment is as strong as ever. The ‘March for Dignity’ is drawing people from all regions of Spain. Protests have been flaring up in various regions already – in the central part of the country, in the East and in the most populous southern Andalusia region. Unions plan to camp out in Madrid later today to protest the EU Troika’s policies. Now years of recession have placed parts of Spanish society on the brink of poverty. Austerity measures first triggered public anger 3 years ago and have not receded since. Young people are leaving the country in droves looking for better opportunities, as over half of those out of work are under 24 years old. RT’s Egor Piskunov reports. Read More:


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