Keith McCullough On Inflation and Growth, Ben Beachy Talks TPP

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Our lead story: The world’s largest social network, has agreed to purchase the mobile-messaging startup, WhatsApp for $19 billion in stock and cash. Now, if you break down the numbers, the Facebook deal works out to roughly $345 million per WhatsApp employee. You could also look at it as $42 per WhatsApp user, which is likely how Facebook is viewing the deal, as there are 450 million WhatsApp users. Erin Ade reports.

Afterwards, Keith McCullough joins Boom Bust to talk about what the hedge fund world is really like. He then discusses inflation and its effect on the economy and growth in both the US and in emerging markets. McCullough explains that why he thinks that inflation in emerging markets had a huge impact in 2012.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a far-reaching free trade agreement under negotiation between 12 Pacific Rim countries. Opponents have criticized the negotiations as “a corporate takeover” that will grant big business new authority over government laws when it comes to internet freedom, copyright, and environmental regulations, to just name a few. Erin speaks Ben Beachy of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch to talk about the Public Interest Committee of the TPP and what the problems are with these negotiations.

Wrapping up the show, Erin sits down with Political Commentator Sam Sacks to discuss a Posh Stow and Go, a company that brings the comforts of your toilet at home right to the streets of Manhattan…for a price.

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