You Can Keep Your Insurance And Your Doctor… If Hell Freezes Over

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

The President and his minions issued a number of assurances to the public during Obamacare debate. Chief among them was that if you liked your health insurance plan and your doctor, you would be able to keep them. Now, millions are finding out that these statements were complete and utter lies. The price of ignorance is often high. If people had only bothered to read, they would have understood years ago that these guarantees were untrue. For a policy to comply with the requirements of Obamacare, it had to offer ten certain basic benefits, including but not limited to, abortion, birth control pills, child delivery, mental health care and no yearly or lifetime caps for medical treatment. This meant that not only would individual health plans be legislated out of existence, but so would most, if not all, employer provided insurance plans as well.

Of course these minor points were glossed over by the administration and congress. The bankrupt mainstream media never saw fit mention these small details. And now, everyone is shocked. Those of us who actually read the law or paid attention knew the day was coming when individual policies would be cancelled by the millions. There’s no spinning this state of affairs. This is adding to the potential chaos that awaits Americans after January 1, 2014, when Obamacare really kicks in. Since isn’t functioning, people who might be eligible for subsidies won’t be able to get them. In addition, the individual replacement policies that will be markets are severely lacking and far more costly. The premiums are higher and the out of pocket costs are through the roof. A family will be paying 50-100 percent more and their out of pocket costs could be well north of $10,000. Thus, health insurance will become a luxury that many Americans won’t be able to afford.

There are few alternatives available. First, you’ve got to take all reasonable steps to maintain and improve your health now. Many diseases that afflict modern America are brought on by diet and lifestyle. Simply losing weight and eating healthier will go a long way towards reducing your need for medical care. Quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake and exercising will also have a positive influence. Going offshore for expensive medical procedures may also be an option. You should also consider a high-deductible plan with a health insurance savings plan account (HSA). In the end, chaos could very well reign supreme leaving you no one to count on but yourself.

If you have good health insurance now, think about doing procedures before the end of the year and seeing expensive specialists before your coverage runs out. Refill expensive medications now and hope for the best. Maybe the President and Congress will come to their collective senses, but don’t count on it.

Kerry Lutz

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