Presenting The BitKillers: These Are The Richest Holders Of Bitcoin

[Ed. Note: 100 people hold 20% of the entire currency base, and it’s trading over $1200… What’s wrong with this picture?]

from Zero Hedge

The top holder of Bitcoins is the unlikely named 1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a with 111,111 units of the crypto-currency (up from 40,000 units in the summer of 2011) for a total value over $110 million. Perhaps most interesting is these 100 Bitcoin holders represent over 20% of the entire outstanding amount of the alternative currency.

The following 100 Holders represent 2.23 million Bitcoins of the 11.12 million total oustanding currently…

(click image for full list)

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