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As New York Delays Decision on Fracking, Pennsylvania Sees Economic Boom

by John Roberts
FOX News

John Payne puts on his best smile as he greets customers at Bob’s Diner in Bainbridge, N.Y.

Most of his regulars are retired. The younger residents, he says, have long since moved away to find jobs in places like the Carolinas. Since the big manufacturers moved out of Bainbridge, there’s not much opportunity here.

“It’s not a thriving community unfortunately,” Payne told Fox News. “Years ago it was, but now it’s quite a depressed community. The younger generation here, unfortunately, as soon as they graduate from high school they’re forced to leave.”

For Payne, Bob’s Diner is a hobby. His main business is Payne’s Cranes, leasing heavy cranes to the gas industry in nearby Pennsylvania.

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