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What Are YOU Doing to Protect the 2nd Amendment?

from hickok45

Act now! “Preaching to the choir” is useful ONLY if we’re letting that “choir” in Washington hear from us!

Essentially, I’m trying to keep up with two jobs right now. Sorry, but I can barely even open and read all the private messages with links and suggestions about how to attack this problem. Our entire channel for the last four years has represented an effort to strengthen the 2nd Amendment and demonstrate responsible gun ownership. There’s no magic bullet other than everybody out there making the calls. If everybody does that, there could be some real “magic” in that. The only sensible role I can serve during this critical time is to just remind you of that responsibility. The “defensive” right now is rather fragmented, but that is probably okay; it’s up to individuals to make the contact. I’m getting many requests to support this event or that event and to make videos about all these things. Sorry, can’t and won’t try to do everything people are coming up with. I’ll provide links to things that make sense and that I even have time to open and read. It might help if you keep up with my FEED and my Twitter.
Point: The NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, Sturmgewehre, Nutnfancy, Tom Gresham, Ted Nugent, IraqVeteran, or Hickok45 cannot fix this problem we’re facing. It’s has to be a grass roots effort with each of us making the calls and flooding the IN boxes of our politicians. It’s that simple. If each of us does not do that, we will get what we deserve. As in the U.K. and Australia, for years down the road we’ll all be discussing over beers the “whys” of how we let down our Founding Fathers.

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