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Gold Sector Clean Out Expected in 2013 – Cook

Brent Cook, co-editor of the Exploration Insights newsletter believes much of the froth has now been washed out of the junior market. An interview with The Gold Report.

by Brian Sylvester
Mine Web

Petaluma CA (The Gold Report) – The Gold Report: Brent, 2012 was difficult for many gold investors, and you paint a pretty bleak picture for certain junior mining companies in 2013 as well.

Brent Cook: We’ve actually had two pretty tough years on the TSX Venture Exchange. It is off about 30% from its peak in 2012 and around 20% for the year. That comes on top of a 35% decline in 2011. I do think much of the froth is washed out and we will see some opportunities in 2013.

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