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David Kotok – 2014 Election Began With The Fiscal Cliff

from FinancialSurvivalNet

David Kotok is head of Cumberland Advisors and a frequent contributor to Bloomberg and CNBC. He doesn’t see inflation in the present or the future. He believes that the recovery will continue and that unemployment will continue to decline and housing will keep recovering. He knows Bernanke and supports the current Fed policies. He believes that the economy is a mess, but that eventually we’ll get to better times through the current policies. While your humble host disagrees, Mr. Kotok’s arguments are cogent, and well thought out.

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1 comment to David Kotok – 2014 Election Began With The Fiscal Cliff

  • scradiodoc

    All I can say is What? This guy made no sense. His arguments used circular and non-sequitor reasoning based on government numbers not REAL TRUSTWORTHY data….Does he not know that the housing arena is still a mess with over 5 million homes in foreclosure and an additional 2 million greater than 60 days late? How about the highest corporate taxes in the world and tightest most germaine capital controls on the planet? He totally overlooked the college tuition debt and basically believes that working at Burger King with a Masters degree is OK. The biggest unfounded assumption is that our government that spends 41% more money than the take in can pay off the debt. That a government that buys 61% of its own treasuries and bonds and funded Europe with between 14 and 17 trillion is NOT bankrupt and the debt is manageable. He must consume a large amount of hash brownies or space cakes. It was entertaining listening to someone that still believes government statistics.