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California Substitute Teacher Inherits Cousin’s $7.4M Gold Coin Fortune

[Ed. Note: Keep track of your relatives. You never know when they’ll die and leave you millions in gold. ~Kerry.]

by Associated Press
FOX News

CARSON CITY, Nev. – Walter Samaszko Jr. was a loner whose death went largely unnoticed. That all changed when a crew sent to clean out his house found a fortune stashed away in the garage of his modest ranch-style home.

There were ammunition boxes stuffed with thousands of gold coins, from Austria, Mexico and the United States. There was enough gold to fill up two wheelbarrows — more than $7.4 million worth.

“There was every kind of coin you could think of,” said Alan Glover, the Carson City clerk and the public administrator of the estate who borrowed a neighbor’s wheelbarrow to haul the treasure out.

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