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Survivalism – and a Special Miles Franklin Announcement

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

When I became Miles Franklin’s Marketing Director last Fall, I knew little of the bullion industry itself. I had purchased bullion from numerous dealers for the past three years; however, it’s one thing to place an order, and another to see “behind the curtain.”

I knew David Schectman was a good man, but it took time to truly understand the culture he had created; as fostered by his son – Miles Franklin’s co-founder and President, Andy Schectman.

That culture focuses heavily on education; but like my own FREE writings – which I have published since roughly 2004 – it quickly became clear he was focused as much on PROTECTING clients as profiting from them. Our daily readership of roughly 20,000 – not including “re-posts” on countless industry websites – is a tribute to the public’s belief in our message, and trust in our services; as is our A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

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