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Nobel Backlash Is Symptomatic of a Deeper Elite Issue

by Anthony Wile
The Daily Bell

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize, which is usually given to a person. There’s been a good deal of astonishment over the award as people have a hard time understanding how an entity so sprawling as the EU could receive a prize ordinarily awarded to individuals.

But the Nobel was politicized long ago. The 1994 award to Yasser Arafat was quite controversial as was the 2009 award to Barack Obama, who confessed to feeling “surprised” by the award, only nine months into his term.

What is interesting about the award this year, beyond the blatant promotional gimmickry, is the caution, even contempt, with which even the mainstream news media treated the award. UK Guardian blogger Michael White was fairly scathing in his assessment, posting an article entitled, “Europe’s Nobel peace prize: bad timing all round” …

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