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Green Shoots Withering?

from The Daily Bell

The Best Sign That It’s Safe to Start a Business Again … Self-employment is suddenly spiking in 2012. That might sound like more people are giving up hope on the job market and going it alone. In fact, it’s great news. For the last four years, more Americans were starting their own businesses, yet self-employment was decreasing. This sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not. The explanation – and the surge of self-employed Americans in the last few months – tells an important story about the recovery. For three years, lots of businesses were being born, but even more were likely dying. Today, businesses appear to be surviving. And that’s the best sign that it’s safe to hang up your own shingle in the U.S. today. – The Atlantic

Dominant Social Theme: Things are looking up! Green shoots are around the corner!

Free-Market Analysis: The Atlantic in its 21st century incarnation is a more predictably elitist publication than ever. These days, like the New Yorker, its editors have expanded its brief to include articles on various economic and military-related issues.

But we don’t find much that is compelling about these sorts of articles. We find they tread familiar ground because they inevitably resemble the memes of the elites.

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