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COMEX Data / Massive Silver Movements In to and Out of COMEX Vaults

by Harvey Organ
Harvey Organ’s Daily Gold & Silver Report

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold closed down $10.80 to $1758.00 Silver fell by 43 cents to $33.63 The bankers upon seeing the oI on silver Thursday night, made the decision that a raid must be initiated. They had to remove many of the silver OI’s who continue to pile into the metal. If you look closely (below) at the silver movements, you will see massive inflows and outflows of silver. This shows the desperation of the bankers especially when you consider that October is a non active silver month. I am writing this commentary on my laptop and I do not have all my tools with me. So I will not give you any paper stories but you can view them on my site or at zero hedge. Needless to say, we are in very perilous times.

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