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BBC Will Find the Sharpest Brits … or Will They?

from The Daily Bell

Clare Balding is to be the host of a new Saturday night TV show BBC1 entertainment show to find the country’s sharpest mind. The presenter, one of the stars of the BBC’s Olympics coverage, will front Britain’s Brightest early next year which put 24 brainboxes to the test to find the ultimate egghead. Show bosses will test various aspects including measuring emotional intelligence and processing speed to find the most brilliant brain in the six-part series. Hopefuls will tackle challenges and puzzles in the studio and on location. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: These minds, so good with puzzles, are the nation’s sharpest.

Free-Market Analysis: The West’s fascination with numeracy continues. It surely is kind of power elite dominant social theme.

We’ve written about this before, in fact. The elites search out a certain kind of intelligence and even select for it. In our view, this is the reason for the testing mania that has infected so much of the West. The tests are aimed at ever-younger children and these children, once selected, are often put through elite academies.

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