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Ask the Adviser: Creating a Sustainable Portfolio

Invest before you speculate

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

In this latest installment of Ask the Advisor, Chris and Bob Fitzwilson focus on how to approach creating an investment portfolio with the tenets of the Crash Course in mind.

Bob explains how he believes a prudent process starts with securing the essentials for resiliency; in other words, investing in the resources that will sustain yourself and your family regardless of how the financial markets perform. These are things like your local food supply, your homestead, your health, etc. Only after you’ve created a plan for procuring those should you then focus on what do with any funds left over.

Then the focus should be on your desired lifestyle. Ask yourself: How much do I need to meet my base-case needs and wishes for my family? Expectations for quality of life, travel, education and retirement all come into play here. A financial portfolio should then be constructed to maximize the odds of providing the capital appreciation and/or income — inclusive of estimates for higher taxes and inflation in the future — to meet these goals.

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