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A Vignette of the US Political Scene

from Jesse’s Café Américain

I did not watch the VP Debate in the US elections.

Someone sent me this video clip because it illustrates the principle which I have mentioned that is very much in play amongst the hypocrites that “money that comes to me and mine is for growth and to create jobs but money for anyone else is handouts and mooching.”

Ayn Rand descried social programs and help for the unfortunate as ‘handouts,’ and glorified rule by the fittest and the fortunate all her life.

But when she needed it she gratefully took the same Social Security and Medicare that was so pernicious to society.

And the point is, did she learn from this? Did she change her mind or say she was sorry for being so wrong, so unfeeling, so willfully ignorant of the vagaries of life?

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