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A Valuable, Valuable Clue As To What To Do

by Richard Daughty

Junior Mogambo Ranger (JMR) Philip S. kindly forwarded an entertaining email to me, containing a lot of facts about, of all things, the year 1910.

Now, I gotta tell ya, I can remember a lot of things, mostly as a result of living a lot of years and thus spending a lot of years finding out about a lot of stuff, but 1910 was not one of them.

Accordingly, on the Mogambo Hierarchy Of Interest (MHOI), it always rated a big, fat zero since I have never heard anything about 1910 that I could use. For instance, maybe in 1910 there was some wonderful hair tonic to grow my hair back, only fuller and more luxuriant, or some glorious elixir to give me a powerful, studly physique with bulging biceps and washboard abs, but without exercising, preferably in an inexpensive pill, that works overnight, while I sleep, so that I wake up refreshed, strong as an ox and looking like a million Hollywood bucks.

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